Robert Plant Supernova explodes at 25th Sunflower River Blues Fest!

CLARKSDALE - A Robert Plant Supernova exploded here August 11,2012, and skyrocketed the 25th Sunflower River Blues and Gospel Festival into music legend history.
Robert Plant

"It was beyond awesome," agreed festival co-chairs Melville Tillis and Maie Smith.
Before a crowd estimated from 15,000 to 30,000 in downtown Clarksdale, the former Led Zeppelin superstar and his multi-talented Sensational Space Shifters lived up to their name with a dazzling performance of exotic sounds, rythms and a nod to Delta blues.
With Robert Plant lacing together the peices of magic with the high-energy of vocalist Patty Griffin, guitarists Justin Adams and 'Skin' Tyson, drumer Dave Smith, keyboard master John Baggott, and Billy Fuller on bass guitar, Juldeh Camara mesmerized the audience with the haunting, evocative strains of one-string African instruments.

It was a seamless, celestial tapestry with freight-train impact, according to the largest concert crowd in Clarksdale history.
At the show finale Robert Plant was inducted in the Sunflower Festivals First Hall of Fame, and responded with personal remarks about his early introduction to the music of blues masters and their influence on his career. 
The three-day festival was jam packed with blockbusters including internationally-renowned Charlie Musselwhite who closed with his signature interpretation of "Cristo Redentor."
Friday night's headliner Bobby Rush, who spoke earlier at the Blues Trail Marker honoring the Sunflower Festival, attracted a crowd estimated at 11,000, and gospel headliner Vickie Winans wowed the Sunday night audience with her finale performance.
Celebrated actor Morgan Freeman and his Ground Zero Blues Club business partner, attorney Bill Luckett were honored with the Sunflower's highest honor, The Early Wright Award, for their vigorous support of Mississippi Delta blues culture. The award is presented annually to individuals who "preserve, protect, and promote blues in its homeland."

Festival co-founders Jim O'Neal and Patty Johnson were presented awards and plaques were given to 25-year members: Melville Tillis, Catherine Clark, and Panny Mayfield. 

More than 50 international journalists were registered as credentialed media. Also filimg the event with interviews with robert Plant were on CNN, Mississippi Public Broadcasting, and Paul Sexton of London who is writing reviews for Billboard and the Daily telegraph. Dozens of magazines, newspapers, radio shows, and the Associated Press published advance articles about Plant's performance in Clarksdale.

Enjoy the photo journey, provided by journalist Dean Johnson.
Final exit as our Jaguar rolls towards town, with the Leaper leading the way to the touchstone of the Blues.
View from Little Pinks' porch at the start of the day.
As a young boy Big T was inspired by the blues that poured forth from the radio at home, and from the stories his grandmother told about the great blues musicians who lived along the Delta. today, Big T is a Delta blues legend, touring the world for Matt The Scatt Records.
Crowd starting to grow. There's some debate about the fenced off area right in front of the stage; reserved for high-paying sponsors. This is the first time it's been done there.
Again, you can see the fence.  The Delta Blues Museum is in the background left.  Background right is the top of the Ground Zero Blues Club (owned in part by Morgan Freeman).
Projected image for a few moments of the next act.  Otherwise, for the most part it was a live camera view from the control board area of the stage
Not sure of what song is being done here, Liam Tyson (of Cast) was really good.  Billy Fuller (of JuJu) was an excellent bassist.
Robert can’t hit those high notes anymore, but where his range is, can still really belt ‘em out!
Very much getting into the groove, how can you not with an Ampeg SVT and eight speakers thundering behind you?
Juldeh Camara of JuJu. Amazing work on a one-stringed African violin (Proper name on instrument: Ritti).  I never thought a single-string instrument could put out so much music!
On the right, Justin Adams (on the bendir) is widely regarded as one of England's most innovative and original guitarists and a child of punk
 Patti Griffin – sort of the odd bird in this show.  Her music is straight country.  Not a good fit. However, when doing harmony  work with Robert, it’s much better.
One of my favorite photos from his show, doing some eye contact with people in front of stage.  Age 64 and still rocks!
Robert Plant performs a show in St. Louis at the Fox Theater in September 2002.  After the show, Michelle waits ourside the Fox and turns on the charm to get Robert to sign a couple collectibles.
Frank Melfi shows up to meet with Robert and takes this photo of Michelle and Jezebel escorting Robert to BB's Blues Club.
Another photo by Frank Melfi of Michelle and Jezebel walking with Robert to the club.
Michelle and Jezebel both get Zeppelin "symbols" tramp stamps before the bic show.   Don't worry, they are henna....LOL

Same Party as 10-01. However, the halloween image was sent out as an invite. This Grokstock image ran in the Grok Zine in the prior month. Anyone remember the Grok Zine?
"This was the first party we ever held in NYC. Robert Plant was playing at the Rose Palace. The party at Rudy's included many of our old friends from the P/P tour in 98. We had 25 people on the back patio at Rudy's in Hells Kitchen. Several of NYC's finest helped us slip backstage."
Robert Plant and the Who were playing in Chicago at the Tweeter Center. It was robert's birthday almost. We had a collectable show in Tinley Park, 6 vendors and over 100 people.
Zep Fest in London in Jan 2002. Michelle and Jezebelle hoped the pond to represent. The invite appeared as a Chinese menu, food items replaced for cds. Michelles dish was "Egg Tu Young"
Return to NYC This was the most failed event in Grok history. It was about 10degrees. the Stones were doing a show to be taped for HBO. The weather forced of out of Madison Square gardens into a dingy Irish Pub.
ZEP FEST 2011 The convention was cancelled due to poor management